About Us

Ceres Adult School students range in age from concurrent high school students to people in their 70’s. We strive to fill our students’ educational gaps so that they can move ahead with their lives and be successful.

Classes are open to anyone without regard to race, color, gender, religion, ancestry, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, physical handicap, political affiliation or belief. Most classes are held on campus where we serve students from all communities including but not limited to: Patterson, Turlock, Atwater, and Modesto. The courses change every semester, but here are some listed below.

  • Diploma and GED

  • Citizenship

  • ESL

  • Independent Study

  • Basic computer skills

  • EMT

  • Ag Welding

Ceres Adult School provides different services to support our students. We provide our students with free childcare ages 1-12 while they are in class. Community Liaisons are also available to provide our students the appropriate resources.

Clients of Ceres Adult School are eligible for referrals and services from our partner agencies

  • CVOC

  • Healthy Start


Referrals and services for our clients vary from employment services to academic and personal affairs. The Ceres Adult School Community Liaisons oversee the process of services and referrals, ensuring that our clients are provided with support needed every step of the way.